Editor Guidelines

The Editors are the one who highly qualified under the source of the journal and having authority to take decision over all the manuscript which is going to publish in our journal and also without fail to progress the Journal principles by managing comprehensive peer review process. It is awfully significant for the editor to decide the accurate reviewer for the enrichment of the manuscript eminence.  The Editor ought to conclude whether a submitted article is suitable for the journal.

All papers submitted to our journal experience peer review process. First and for most the Editors from our Editorial Board member will check the article whether it is suitable for the Publication. EB members help in handling the submitted manuscripts based on their expertise. Once the article is unique we will send it to reviewers based on their research knowledge for peer Reviewer Process.

Once we get the review comments from our Reviewer Board Members, we will send the Review comments to author for revised version of the manuscript. Once the author will send back the revised version of the manuscript, the Revised Version of the manuscript will be assigned to the same Editor who handled the previous version of the manuscript to ensure the quality of the manuscript before Proof work and Full text.