Journal of Graphene technology and 2D Materials is an international, open access, peer reviewed journal that transmits original papers, reviews, case reports etc. from the entire field of dentistry to the scientific community. The Journal mainly supports scientific innovations, 2D Materials (2DM) aims to curate the most significant and cutting-edge research being undertaken in the field of two-dimensional materials science and engineering. Serving an expanding multidisciplinary community of researchers and technologists, our goal is to develop a selective journal dedicated to bringing together the most important new results and perspectives from across the discipline. Submissions should be essential reading for a particular sub-field and should also be of multidisciplinary interest to the wider community, with the expectation that published work will have significant impact.

   Journal of Graphene technology and 2D Materials aims to enlighten the readers with the ideas, opinions, developments and key issues in the field of electrical, mechanical, chemical and biomedical. such as graphene oxides, graphene quantum dots etc.

Focused Areas for publication:

  • Graphene, beyond-graphene
  • 2D crystals
  • Transition-metal dichalcogenides
  • Green electronics
  • Aphene and graphene-derived materials
  • Silicene and germanene/silicane and germanane
  • Boron nitride
  • Transition metal dichalcogenides
  • Two-dimensional topological insulators
  • Complex oxides
  • Composite materials
  • Other novel two-dimensional layered structures
  • Visible light catalysis
  • Cr(VI) reduction
  • Amorphous g-C3N4
  • Palygorskite
  • CTC-mediated pathway
  • Lithium ion battery
  • Anode material
  • Hybrid material
  • MXene
  • TiO2-x
  • Few-layers black phosphorus


Manuscript Submission

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