Roles and Responsibilities of Editor in Chief

§  An Editor-in-Chief's ares elected based on their active participation and involvement in the Journal development along with their efficiency in work and their current affiliation.

§  Editor-in-Chief needs to monitor acceptance and rejection rates for specific types of manuscripts, editorial processing timelines, tracking reviewer performance, the rate of acceptance/rejections of specific types of articles.

§  Editor-in-Chief should take the sole responsibility to protect the communal and public interest and should strive to advance the reporting of science in different ways so that it ensures the highest standards of openness, accessibility, reliability, and integrity of the Journal's scientific enterprise.

§  Editor-in-Chief should select the manuscripts that are original with valid and reproducible results so that the published manuscripts are expected to presents results in sufficient detail for readers to assess the validity of the inferences drawn.

§  Maintaining strict editorial policies. The review process should be completed within the timeline provided and need to give a timely response to the editorial office.

§  Editor-in-Chief has the whole authority to accept or reject a paper accepted for publication.

§  Editor-in-Chief should be in contact with all editorial board members for the recent updates and development of the journal.

§  Editor-in-Chief has to monitor the complete peer review process, to give/distribute the quality output.

§  Editor-in-Chief should maintain confidentiality and follow the ethics.

§  Editor-in-Chief should encourage Editors to provide new ideas/suggestions for the development of the journal.

§  Editor-in-Chief should monitor the types of errors that appear in the respective Bibliotics Journals, so that to protect the journal from deteriorating in its quality.

§  The Editor-in-Chief will not allow their judgment to be influenced by political, commercial and other considerations that are beyond the scope of scientific knowledge.

§  Editor-in-Chief should conduct at least one Editorial Board meets annually, during which every Editor need to provide an update of the Journal, which assists in identifying and discussing areas that need to improve the performance; and to explore individual ideas for journal development and potential enhancements to the print and online Journal.

§  Every article published of the particular journal will be initiated To Editor-in-Chief.

§  Editor-in-Chief can suggest Special Issue titles, which have high scientific value.

§  Editor-in-Chief can suggest any advisory board members, to make the journal reach its greater heights.

§  Editor-in-Chief is responsible for assisting the Editorial Office by inviting distinguished scientists to join the editorial board.

§  Editor-in-Chief is responsible for assisting the Guest Editors in the setup of special issues.

§  Editor-in-Chief is mainly responsible for the scientific quality of the journal.                                                   


§  All the articles of his/her, will be published free of charge, if and only if the article is accepted to publish.

§  Your ideas and subject inputs may help in arranging special issues as per topics of your interest and choice.

§  Editor-in-Chief will be awarded as an Organizing Committee member for the respective related conference.

§  Editor-in-Chief will also be awarded as Conference Chair for Scientific Federation Conferences where he/she will get waiver for the registration fee.

§  Editor-in-Chief's will be awarded with Certificate of Appreciation for their excellence in the journal development.

§  Editor-in-Chief 's name, affiliation, and other details will be displayed in the Journal?s home page and a separate page will be allotted for the Conference Chair describing all his/her achievements.

§  Editor-in-Chief 's will be awarded with Special Awards, which recognizes the outstanding support and role-played in building International image of the journal.

§  Editor-in-Chief's shapes the research that is being done and being on the cutting edge of the latest advancements of your field that are the true rewards.