Global Nutrition Research and Food Science is an international, open access, peer reviewed journal that transmits original papers, reviews, case reports etc. from the entire field of dentistry to the scientific community. The Journal mainly supports in research in all areas of food science and nutrition. The Journal will consider submissions of quality papers describing the results of fundamental and applied research related to all aspects of food and nutrition, as well as interdisciplinary research that spans these two fields.

   Global Nutrition Research and Food Science aims to enlighten the readers with the ideas, opinions, developments and key issues in the field of Metabolic, molecular, and genetic mechanisms of nutrients, Food preservation, storage, and hurdle technology, Quality assurance of food products, Agriculture research on plant production, utilization, biomass, and environment, Plant and animal nutrition, Nutritional methodologies and modeling.

Focused Areas for publication:

  • Metabolic, molecular, and genetic mechanisms of nutrients
  • Bioavailability and disease prevention
  • Nutritional methodologies and modeling
  • Community and international nutrition
  • Nutritional epidemiology and clinical nutrition
  • Nutrients in growth, development, and reproduction
  • Nutrition in medical management
  • Nutrition-related behaviors
  • Nutritional toxicity
  • Nutritional genomics
  • Plant and animal nutrition
  • Aging and age-related degeneration
  • Dietetics   Chemistry of food and its biochemical interactions
  • Food microbiology, safety, and risk assessment
  • Safety and security analysis of global food supplies
  • Food preservation, storage, and hurdle technology
  • Food toxicology
  • Engineering of food processing technologies
  • Handling and packaging of foods
  • Quality assurance of food products
  • Biotechnology as it relates to food production and processing
  • Food oral processing, rheology, and other texture related studies
  • Sensory and consumer science
  • Enology and fermentation technology
  • Health claims



Manuscript Submission

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