About Journal

SciFed Journal of Nuclear Science is an international, open access, peer reviewed journal, and is dedicated to provide an unique medium for the publication of new developments and advances in nuclear science including luminesance mechanisms, luminescent materials, radionuclide metrology, neutron and reactor physics, radiation protection methods, nuclear safety, nuclear forensic sciences, etc.

SciFed Journal of Nuclear Science that focuses on fundamental and applied research in all scientific areas related to the peaceful use of nuclear energy, as well as on applications of nuclear particles and radiation. The Journal publishes internationally peer-reviewed articles that helps to the exchange of research, ideas and developments in the field of nuclear science and technology, to contribute peaceful and sustainable development of the World.


Focused Areas for Publication:

Aseismic Design       

Benchmark on Nuclear Data             

Detection and Measurement

Fuel Cycle and Isotopes

Image Processing

Integral Verification

Nonreactor Nuclear Facilities

Nuclear and Chemical Waste Management

Nuclear and Particle Physics

Nuclear Cardiology

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Engineering and Design

Nuclear Forensic Sciences

Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear Materials

Nuclear Medicine and Biology

Nuclear Instruments and Methods

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Nuclear Physics

Nuclear Reactor Physics

Nuclear Safety

Nuclear Science and Techniques

Nuclear Structural Engineering

Nuclear Track Detection


Manuscript Submission

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You may submit the manuscript at our online submission system or send to editor.gjns@bibliotics.org